There are many ways to explore different careers. Online activities, job shadowing and well-utilized electives can provide exposure to a variety of different job options.
Whether you are a first time job-seeker or have been in the game awhile, getting a new job can be a daunting task. These resources are here to help you take advantages of the opportunities Indiana has to offer.
Have you always wondered what jobs might fit you—and your likes and dislikes—best? These tools, like Career Clickers eXpress and Career Clickers eXpanded, are a great first step to start exploring different careers.
An apprenticeship is a unique education opportunity where students gain specific skills and knowledge related to a trade/craft. Training combines supervised daily on-the-job instruction with classroom instruction.
This online tool allows you to find careers that meet all of your needs by searching a variety of variables including interests, skills, and other choices.
You can learn a lot about life, possible careers and your own strengths and weaknesses when you volunteer. Volunteering is a great resume-builder and networking tool.
The Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs is a listing of the jobs most "in demand" for the state of Indiana between 2004 and 2014. By reviewing this list, Hoosiers can easily see growing occupations, average wages, education and basic skills needed for on the job success.
The Indiana Career Guide provides information about careers, job opportunities and the education that is required as well. It also provides information as to what sort of skills you should focus on to obatin that high paying job you've always wanted.
The Web site Hoosiers by the Numbers provides statistics on areas such as unemployment and average wages at both the state and regional level.
Indiana's employers have a wide variety of jobs for you to experience. Find out more about working in the Hoosier state.
All teens 14, 15, 16 and 17 years of age must have a work permit before they can begin work.
This initiative is designed to recognize students who successfully demonstrate the core traits sought by employers in the global economy: teamwork, discipline, commitment, responsibility and more.
WorkKeys® enables Hoosiers to examine their individual strengths and weaknesses and also compare their skills to job profiles which can help substantially when looking for jobs or career advancement opportunities.
WorkOne Centers help Hoosier find employment and training services.